My Wintertime Froyo Experience

So during February this year i went for Frozen Yogurt at Froyo with my friend Calvin i havent really gone that often! So i didnt know the rules in which case i took a large cup & proceeded to fill it with 2/3 flavors to the top then added all the Toppings!
Which lead to it being super heavy┬ámy friend was like what are you doing thats like the epic froyo The thing i didn’t realize was it was based on weight and not just size of cup ha!

So calvin and i were laughing having a great time about it
I went to pay & the girls/cashier face was priceless when she saw it was too funny!

So behold the 10 dollar Froyo! I have never paid that much for one in my life but was a fun mistake i know not to make again ha!
But we should go back again for a less expensive one