Fonda Lola The MexicanFiesta Experience

I have been to Fonda Lola a few times not just cause the chef is friend of mine but because i love the environment the authentic mexican decore & flair and the food is amazing! And to add they have a great intimate back patio he opened Andre authentic & fusion #mexicanfiesta menu is the only way the best way to experience mexican food the margitas varieties are great 

But what keeps me coming back is his HandHeld Caesars with that candied bacon OMG! to die for!
Its a staple of any vist Also the Ceviche he serves tart & tangy soo good 🙂 
There is always something new & menu always stays fresh He also has a full menu price called #mexicanfiesta to sample each menu item 
So if you wanna get into the mexican mood & need that authentic venue & food hit up Fonda Lola you won’t regret it & also its the only mexican place you will find Japanese Ontario Sake on Tap 

so try out some ceviche or salad or tapas with some Sake ! Trout aguachile ceviche, HandHeldCaesar or many other mexician dishes that pair well with sake
Located at Queen St W/Shaw tweet them @FondaLola