Noche Resturante OldElpaso Launch


So i had a chance to head down to 99 Sudbury for a thought was a new Mexican place by Old Elpaso
Called Noche Resturante

At first i arrive to the lineup & sign standard waivers cause there will be cameras i was ok cool 🙂

Was given an envelope with peso bills as drink tickets which was unique keeping with mexican vibe

Was treated to Margaritas & Sangria & some amazing Mexican themed appetizer food put on my chef micheal pataran

IMG_4312 IMG_4311 IMG_4309
Then we were moved into a new room & wow it was quite the setup
Very colorfull mexican themed before i thought the show was going to be some entertainment & a cooking competition
IMG_4322 IMG_4325 IMG_4334

but they ended up picking out random couples from the crowd! To become there own mexician chefs
IMG_4328 IMG_4339 IMG_4337
There was 3 teams! competing for the trophy! All making different styles of tacos which we tried after! Along with the amazing Churro’s for desert
IMG_4342 IMG_4348 IMG_4351IMG_4370

It was finally Taco Time! & try everyones creations yumm!! It was Taco overload hehe but they were all yummy Churros for desert

IMG_4362 IMG_4366 IMG_4365

It was a super fun night! I realized & was let on till later that we were apart of a reality tv commerical for there new product line of tacos called Resturante ha! Was really well done! & a really fun night definitely glad i went 🙂 be sure
Have your own taco night with these
The mixes were quite good 🙂

Here is some behind the scenes footage of the crazy night good times were had!